The Life of ‘Not Just a Mommy’

When I say I’m busy, I’m not trying to avoid something I don’t want to do – I’m actually busy.  I’m a stay-at-home mom which means my life revolves around three other lives – my two boys, Isaac and Arthur and my husband, Dan.  I cook, clean, teach, discipline, guide, run a household and try to do the best job possible all while staying properly caffeinated.

My plans often change in an instant because someone gets sick or is just having one to many meltdowns.  I’m often running late for things or am ridiculously early because that’s how we manage not being late.

My social network is pretty slim – I’ve got my family and my church family. I don’t have a lot of friends because it comes back to being busy.

That being said, I also understand the importance of time for myself!

These are the moments I cherish

Since having Arthur – my youngest – I’ve dropped about 50lbs through diet and exercise but I’m still looking to lose another 30.  I’ll be sure to have more about that adventure later.

I am excited that I am the proud owner of a 10ft kayak I’ve named Driftwood (aka Drifty for short).  Driftwood is a wider boat made for smooth waters and lollygagging along.  I also just found my waterproof camera so there will be photos coming up soon!

Furthermore, I have entered my first races this summer! I love running and have dedicated evenings to getting more in shape.  Did I mention – busy?

Welcome to a glimpse into my life!





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